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The Encyclopaedic Assistance for Social Transformation (EAST) is presently offering the following five Encyclopaedias which are very popular among the students, faculty members and researchers in the Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher Learning.

Name of the Encyclopaedia No. of Volumes Price Per Set (Rs.)
Indian Encyclopaedia of Ecology and Environment 10 17,500
Encyclopaedia of Intellectual Property Rights 10 20,000
Encyclopaedia of Total Quality Management 12 24,000
World Encyclopaedia of Geoinformatics & Remote Sensing 12 24,000
International Encyclopaedia of Bioinformatics 10 20,000
World Encyclopaedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 24 58,500

Those interested in placing orders may send an Email to : so that these popular Encyclopaedias may be despatched to the Government / Public / Private / Colleges / University Libraries.

They may also place orders by sending a letter by Speed Post / Registered Post addressed to the Head, Distribution Network, Encyclopaedic Assistance for Social Transformation (EAST), Vidyavaran, A 15, Paryavaran Complex, South of Saket, New Delhi – 110030, Phone : 011-40543739, 41096948, Email :

The following are the volumewise titles of the Encyclopaedias :

24 Volume World Encyclopaedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

(i) Nanotechnology Today

(ii) Emerging Areas of Nanotechnology

(iii) Applied Areas of Nanotechnology

(iv) Future of Nanotechnology

(v) Nanotechnology Concepts

(vi) Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials

(vii) Nanoelectronics and Nanomaterials

(viii) Nanotechnology Revolution

(ix) Nanomachanics and Nanomachines

(x) Recent Advances in Nanotechnology

(xi) Nanotechnology Information Resources

(xii) Health and Safety Applications of Nanotechnology

(xiii) Historical Developments in Nanotechnology

(xiv) Nanobiology and Nanomachines

(xv) Nanochemistry

(xvi) Nanophysics

(xvii) Nanoengineering

(xviii) Nanocomputers

(xix) Nanoelectronics

(xx) Nanobiotechnology

(xxi) Nanoeducation

(xxii) Nanolab

(xxiii) Nanoresearch; and

(xxiv) Lexicon on Nanotechnology


Encyclopaedia of Intellectual Property Rights

Volume 1       IPR and its General Regime

Volume 2       Patent System, Law and Policy

Volume 3       Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Law

Volume 4       Trademark System, Law and Policy

Volume 5       IPR, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications

Volume 6       IPR Protection : Global and Local Scenario

Volume 7       WIPO, WTO, GATT, TRIPS and IPR

Volume 8       IPR Innovations, Science and Technology

Volume 9       IPR and other Related Issues

Volume 10     IPR Case Laws, References and other Resources


international Encyclopaedia of bioinformatics

Volume 1       Bio Programming Languages

Volume 2       Genetics

Volume 3       Statistical Methods and DBMS

Volume 4       Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Volume 5       Biotechnology and Microbiology

Volume 6       Structural Bioinformatics

Volume 7       Bio Computing Languages

Volume 8       Bio Informatics Software

Volume 9       Algorithmic Bioinformatics

Volume 10     Computational Biology


Encyclopaedia of total quality management

Volume 1       Fundamentals of Quality Management

Volume 2       Basic Statistics of TQM

Volume 3       Management Systems and Guides

Volume 4       Decision Making Aids

Volume 5       Quality Policy, Objectives and Audits

Volume 6       Statistical Process Control

Volume 7       Inspection Quality and Sampling Plans

Volume 8       Materials Management

Volume 9       Advanced Statistics

Volume 10     Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Volume 11     Operations Research, Computers and Softwares

Volume 12     Advanced Research on Total Quality Management


world Encyclopaedia of geo-informatics and remote sensing

Volume 1       Fundamentals of Computers

Volume 2       Elements of Physical Geography

Volume 3       Geographical Information System

Volume 4       Principle of Remote Sensing

Volume 5       Spatial Database Design and Management

Volume 6       Modern Cartography and Map Digitization

Volume 7       Modelling and Visualisation of Spatial Data

Volume 8       Internet Based GIS

Volume 9       Tools for Map Analysis

Volume 10     Land Use Planning Using GIS

Volume 11     Resource Management Using GIS

Volume 12     Information Extraction from Images


indian Encyclopaedia of ecology and environment

Volume 1       Introduction to Ecology and Environment

Volume 2       State of India’s Environment

Volume 3       Environmental Education

Volume 4       Population and Community Ecology

Volume 5       Natural Resources Conservation

Volume 6       Environmental Protection and Law

Volume 7       Environmental Impact Assessment

Volume 8       Pollution Monitoring and Control

Volume 9       Research Methodology and Systems Analysis

Volume 10     Global Environmental Issues